Dental 3D Scanner

  • Product Brand: Foshion
  • Product Category: Dentistry

Model QSCAN is a high performance 3D scanner used in dental lab, powered by EXOCAD, meet the demands of various dental indications such as stone model, die scan, articulator, impression, implant, etc. Compact, precise and fast!

Product Details

The German original design and patent algorithm, the scanner acurracy is outstanding and stable.

The unique camera could capture the data even in deeper narrow area.


  • Unsectioned model: The minimum scanning degree is less than 8° in the interproximate space
  • High accuracy and precision:  Absolute accuracy<10um, Precision<2um
  • Long lifetime:  Brand-new cooling system design to avoid the fatigue of projector
  • Stable structure:  Double cantilever shape to prevent from vibration during scanning


  • Scanning time:  Jaw 6s;  Upper / lower jaw 9s ;  1 ~ 8 teeth 13s;  Impression 50s
  • Camera:  2 x 1.3MP
  • Scanning accuracy: ≤10um
  • Scan range: 100*100*75mm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Output format : STL


Available for black or white.

MOQ is one set.

Quality warranty 18 months.