4K 3D Printer

  • Product Brand: FOSHION & LUXADENT
  • Product Category: Dentistry

Adopts the new fourth generation 3D printing technology —— LCD mask technology, is a new high-precision 4K 3D optical material manufacturing technology.

Product Details

LUXADENT combines the traditional characteristics of big printing platform from SLA and high speed printing from DLP, make three performance advantages of high speed printing, high precision printing and high production capacity in one. It is not only suitable for dental laboratory, but also widely used in clinical chair-side fields.


Uses a large 8.9-inch LCD screen with a printing area of 192 x 120mm

Micron Level Printing Accuracy

Industrial level of Single Print Capacity

Intelligent Contraction Compensation Algorithm

Liquid Level Induction System

Support for Multiple Data Transfer Modes

Quick and Sensitive Touching Screen

4K Printing Effect

LF Slicing Software

Self Prop-up

Automatic Model Repair

Longer Life of Light Source

Convenient Maintenance

Automatic Parameter Setting


Eight different types of dental printing materials:

  • Denture Base Materials
  • Permanent Crown & Bridge Material
  • Try-in Denture Material
  • Surgical Guide Material
  • Model Material
  • Gingival Mask Material
  • Indirect Bonding Tray Material
  • Wax Casting Material


LCD is 4th generation printing technology inherits the surface forming characteristics of the previous generation DLP printing technology, and replaces the UV light source with smaller molding surface with a LCD screen. The printing speed is only related to the height of the printing object, even if the mass printing does not affect the printing time.

MOQ is one set.

Yes, we can make OEM brand.